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Commonwealth Pipeline

A recent Patriot News publication titled Here It Comes described the anticipated natural
gas pipeline planned to run from Lycoming County, PA, to Rockville, MD.

The article touted the anticipated lower energy prices in Central Pennsylvania. However,
other unfavorable aspects of the process are also coming to Central Pennsylvania.
The article repeatedly quoted Bill Moler, the Chief Operating Officer of the responsible
company, Inergy Midstream. He described the company’s approach of paying for
property damages in a manner in which the various owners along the route would receive
the same amount of money per foot of the right-of-way acquisition. Unfortunately, this
plan and approach to property rights is in direct conflict with the controlling Pennsylvania
law, the Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code.

The correct approach to damages, which may be much more costly to Inergy Midstream,
is to pay eminent damages based on the fair market value of the entire property interest
before and after a condemnation. The proper approach would suggest that a peaceful
residential property would have much more significant monetary damages than a vacant
property. Property owners would be wisely cautious in dealing with a company which
seeks to avoid paying fairly for the acquisition of property rights.

Natural Gas Pipeline in Sullivan County, PA

Lavery Law recently began representation of multiple property owners whose land was condemned by an out of state company building a natural gas pipeline in the marcellus shale play in Northern Pennsylvania. Our firm argued in Sullivan County that the security was inadequate, based on Central New York Oil & Gas appraisal documents description of what is known as a “strip” appraisal. The Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code requires before and after appraisals of the owners’ entire property interest.