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Transource: Independence Energy Connection Project

The Independence Energy Connection (IEC) project by Transource is a proposed electric utility project that will be affecting south central Pennsylvania and north central Maryland. The project was first announced back in June of 2017 and will entail the installation of new overhead electric transmission lines, new electric substations, and increased connectivity to preexisting lines and substations.1  The proposed lines will be around 45 miles long and are divided into two different sections. The western section will be around 25 miles long and will start in Franklin County, Pennsylvania and run southward towards Maryland into Washington County. The eastern section will be around 15 miles long and will start in York County, Pennsylvania and will move south west into Harford County, Maryland.2 

In December of 2017, Transource filed applications to construct the proposed projects with both the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Maryland Public Service Commission. On, December 21, 2017, the Pennsylvania Utility Commission granted the certificate of public convenience to Transource, which provides Transource with the authority of a public utility, but is not an approval of the project itself.4 

However, by obtaining the "public utility status," Transource will be able to "use eminent domain to take easements for the power lines."5  Therefore, many property owners in the areas affected by Transource's proposed project will start to hear from Transource, if they have not already been contacted by the land agents representing Transource. The utility company will offer landowners money in exchange for easements on their land. We caution property owners to not agree to these initially offered terms without sufficient assessment of the offered terms as any easement granted to Transource may impact your land and property value. If you are a property owner in Pennsylvania affected by the Transource project, please feel free to reach out to our firm to speak with one of our Eminent Domain attorneys.

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