Easements And Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Issues

Dealing with matters concerning right-of-way easements and condemnation is complicated. At Lavery Law, our lawyers have experience working with property owners throughout all steps of the eminent domain process.

The easement, as well as the access agreement or any agreements concerning the eminent domain, is extremely important in the condemnation process. The agreement determines what can be done in terms of the easement, including specifics that will affect the property long after the project is complete.

Our attorneys deal with conservation easements, right-of-way easements and any other issues pertaining to an overall compensation package in a condemnation proceeding.

Comprehensive Advice On Access Agreements And Easements

Our lawyers advise on all aspects of an access agreement and how an agreement affects an easement. We are familiar with the issues that may arise, how to avoid future challenges and more. More importantly, we are keenly familiar with insurance issues and how property easement issues can affect local real estate and resale of property.

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