Compensation Packages And Eminent Domain Proceedings

The compensation package that a landowner receives is critical, as the package determines the value of the diminished property. The lawyers at Lavery Law can provide advice on negotiating a compensation package so that it maximizes the compensation you receive for your land.

Our team of eminent domain attorneys works closely with property owners and takes a hands-on approach to the education process of eminent domain proceedings. We represent throughout the process of negotiating with oil and gas companies/authorities, and all other issues that arise throughout the process of the taking of land.

Compensation For Land Acquisition And Severance Damages

One of the many priorities of your attorney is to ensure that you receive fair compensation for any/all land acquisition. If your land is taken, it is important that a lawyer help assess the damages to the property value and make sure that you receive just compensation for the diminished value. Our team is highly familiar with real estate issues, property value issues and other matters regarding property that can have an effect during the eminent domain process.

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