Access Agreements And Condemnation Proceedings

An access agreement is one of the initial documents involved in the public utility's process of assessing the property prior to eminent domain/condemnation proceeding. Once the document is signed, it gives oil and gas companies the authority to come in and conduct tests to begin the takings process.

Prior to signing an access agreement, it is in your best interests to have a lawyer review the language of the agreement to ensure that your rights are protected. At Lavery Law, we have a dedicated team of attorneys who assist clients with eminent domain issues throughout Pennsylvania.

Property Access/Land Access Agreements

Prior to an oil/gas company coming in and starting the process of creating an easement and beginning a project, the entity must be given right of access through an access agreement. The access agreement (which is the initial agreement that gets signed allowing the entity to do initial testing on the owner's property) is critical. The nuances of a contract are important and can affect your future property rights, including the easement.

You potentially put yourself at risk if you do not consult with an attorney. At Lavery Law, we are prepared to walk you through each step of the legal process, explain how the surveying process works and make sure that the access agreement protects your rights as a property owner.

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