Condemnation Proceedings Involving Water/Sewer Authorities

Pennsylvania property owners are often subject to be affected by new water/sewer projects. If your property is subject to an eminent domain taking, you should immediately contact a lawyer who knows how to protect your rights. Lavery Law can assist you and protect your property rights.

Water And Sewer Easements

If a waterline or sewer pipe is being built or enhanced and your property is affected, you are entitled to receive fair compensation for the diminished value of your property. The agreement that you receive may not accurately reflect the full value of your diminished property, and by waiting too long you could lose out on the opportunity to negotiate the compensation you receive for the taking.

Does The Government Have Authority To Condemn My Property?

Governmental entities almost always have authority to condemn property. Whether that is for a DOT project, water/sewer line or a related project, you are likely unable to stop the condemnation process. You can, however, take measures to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your property as a landowner. The sooner the attorneys at Lavery Law are able to review the agreement you have been presented with, the sooner we can take initiative on your behalf.

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