Strong Counsel In Property Taking Cases

The legal process of condemnation, or eminent domain, is procedural and complex. Lawyers who do not routinely work in this area of law may not be keenly familiar with the issues residential homeowners and business owners face in this type of legal action. At Lavery Law, our skilled attorneys are ready to provide straightforward support as you deal with legal issues that arise during the eminent domain process.

What Is Eminent Domain?

Eminent domain (frequently referred to as condemnation) is a process in which a qualified entity or public utility has the ability to take a portion or all of a property owner's land for an approved project. In Pennsylvania, condemnation proceedings are most commonly used for oil and gas pipeline projects and public utility projects such as electrical lines, highways, and other transportation projects.

Our attorneys work closely with property owners with regard to these projects to protect their rights and to help recover fair value for the taken property.

What Are My Rights?

It's not uncommon to have questions about the taking process or what your rights are when it comes to the taking of your land. The most important thing to remember is you are entitled to just compensation for the taking. A lawyer from our firm can help make sure you receive the maximum compensation possible for your land.

Our lawyers take a hands-on approach to working with clients. It is in your best interests to get a lawyer involved sooner rather than later. When we step in, we can work directly with the condemning authority and work to negotiate fair compensation for the taking. Visit our FAQ page for more answers to common questions.

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