Eminent Domain Issues In Pennsylvania

When an eminent domain (or condemnation) action is initiated, several legal issues could arise that should be addressed by an attorney. The team at Lavery Law serves the needs of both individuals and businesses with regard to eminent domain law throughout Pennsylvania.

Our lawyers have experience handling issues concerning the Pennsylvania eminent domain laws and the federal eminent domain laws. We are ready to provide the legal advice you need to make informed decisions as you go through the eminent domain/condemnation process.

Oil And Gas/Pipeline Issues

We work with property owners who face issues involving oil and gas pipelines. That includes advice on access agreements, easements, compensation package issues and more. The sooner you get in touch with a lawyer, the better. Most of the issues our clients face are time sensitive. Missing deadlines could mean losing out on opportunities to maximize the outcome of a negotiated agreement or to protect your property rights.

Government Utilities

We work with clients who face issues with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. This includes highway expansions, the alteration of interchanges and more. A lawyer at our firm can help with the negotiation process and the evaluation of your land, the taking, and how the taking affects your property.

Contingency Fee Basis

All cases we handle involving eminent domain issues are accepted on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge an hourly rate, but are paid when we win a recovery for your claim. Our attorneys are happy to talk more in detail about this fee arrangement at your first consultation. You may be responsible for fees for work done by experts as part of the condemnation process. However, at times, the law may permit you to recover a specific amount for those costs. Our lawyers can help explain this process.

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