Skilled Guidance On Easement And Eminent Domain Issues

Dealing with matters concerning right-of-way easements and condemnation is complicated. At Lavery Law, our lawyers have experience working with property owners throughout all steps of the eminent domain process and with negotiating the terms of granting an easement in lieu of condemnation.

The easement agreement is extremely important in the condemnation process, as is the access agreement and any agreements concerning eminent domain. These agreements determine what can be done with respect to the easement, including specific terms that will affect the property long after the project is complete.

Our attorneys handle all issues pertaining to the granting of easements as part of the overall compensation package in a condemnation proceeding.

What Type Of Easement Or Access Agreement Is At Issue For You?

Many different types of easements exist. Some examples are:

  • Permanent easements -- A permanent easement runs forever with the land. It differs from a fee simple transaction in which ownership of the land changes.
  • Temporary easements/construction easements -- Temporary easements and construction easements are functionally very similar. Both of these easements are granted for a limited period of time. Our attorneys can explain the difference and help you take action to protect your property.
  • Slope easements -- Slope easements are typically encountered with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation projects and include the creation of a slope or embankment.

When you are up against a condemning governmental authority, it is important to have strong counsel in your corner. Our attorneys have the experienced and skill to guide you through this challenge and help you protect your property rights and interests.

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