Condemnation Proceedings For Oil And Gas Pipeline Projects

The attorneys at Lavery Law have in-depth knowledge of the eminent domain (sometimes called condemnation) procedure and the nuances of Pennsylvania and federal laws. Our firm has experience advocating for individuals and for business owners in these complex projects.

There has been an increased necessity for pipelines to transport oil and natural gas to refineries throughout the United States. Pipeline projects are impacting nearly every portion of the state, and more are in the planning process. At Lavery Law, we stand ready to help property owners protect their property rights.

Protecting Your Interests In The Eminent Domain Process

The process by which an entity can initiate a total or partial taking for an oil or gas pipeline project is very specific. We take a hands-on approach to walking clients through the legal process as well as the negotiation process.

The attorneys at our firm are ready to help review the right-of-way agreements, access agreements and offers proposed by the pipeline companies. We will explain how the total compensation package affects a landowner. This includes a review of eminent domain authority and whether a company has the power to start the process.

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