DOT Transportation Projects In Pennsylvania

In a condemnation proceeding, losing any portion of your property will generally affect your overall property value. While preventing a transportation project can be difficult, you can take action by consulting with an attorney to discuss your compensation package and to protect your interests by negotiating or litigating the best possible terms.

Lavery Law is a well-known Harrisburg law firm that serves clients throughout Pennsylvania in eminent domain/condemnation law. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of eminent domain laws in Pennsylvania and have a proven track record working with both individual property owners and business property owners.

Are You Affected By A DOT Highway Expansion Or Road Construction?

Our lawyers provide advice on:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) and Turnpike Commission right-of-way issues
  • HIghway, byway and freeway construction and improvements
  • Temporary easements

At Lavery Law, we offer comprehensive advice on dealing with all aspects of eminent domain proceedings. We are experienced at dealing with condemning authorities and with the process of negotiating a compensation package. Our lawyers are widely respected by our colleagues, and we make it a priority to stay in the forefront of changing eminent domain issues.

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