Utility Projects And Eminent Domain Rights

Utility projects typically consist of electrical lines or transportation projects involving the Department of Transportation (DOT). While these projects are rarely halted, working with a lawyer can alleviate the strain of going through the condemnation process alone.

At Lavery Law, we work with individuals and businesses in the eminent domain process. We serve clients throughout Pennsylvania from our office in Harrisburg. Our attorneys have experience in the area of eminent domain law, the condemnation process and related issues.

What Type Of Taking Issue Do You Need To Resolve?

Our lawyers provide comprehensive advice for clients. The sooner you get in touch with a member at our firm, the sooner we can step in and advise on protecting your rights as a landowner in the eminent domain process. We represent clients in matters involving:

Lavery Law will help you get the full value you deserve for your land after a partial or full taking. We can help mitigate challenges that may otherwise arise and make sure that you understand the eminent domain process and how it affects you as a property owner.

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