How Much Money Do You Get For A Taking?

If the government followed the proper process to take your property, the question becomes how much it has to pay you. That is a question whose answer is based on a number of factors related to your property and the project.

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Strong Advocacy When Determining Your Compensation

When dealing with the condeming authority about your compensation, it is important to have strong counsel to make your case.

A pipeline company, for example, may claim that it is only seeking an underground easement that doesn't impact your property all that much. It may claim this even though a pipeline poses risk of spills, explosions and other problems that would make someone less likely to buy your property, thus decreasing its resale value.

We won't let such assertions go unanswered. Instead, we will use our proven ability to make a strong compensation case on your behalf.

In practice, this often means identifying skilled valuation experts who can provide a detailed quantification of your damages. We will work effectively with such experts to assert your claim for full and fair compensation — even if a "battle of the experts" between appraisers at trial is required.

Take Action

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