An Eminent Domain Law Practice

Lavery Law is an established Pennsylvania law firm based in Harrisburg. The firm handles eminent domain and landowner's matters statewide. We assist property owners at all stages of the process with their legal issues involving the recent oil and gas pipeline projects. Our eminent domain attorneys also handle governmental utility and transportation takings.

Client-Focused Solutions

At our law firm, client service is a top priority. Our lawyers are solutions-focused and committed to providing each client with the level of personal attention he or she deserves. We take the time to walk you through the steps of the eminent domain process, explain your rights and what you can do to maximize the value of your land being taken. If you are a business or enterprise, we work to minimize the impact of a taking to your business property and your business's daily functions.

Comprehensive Advice Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Our lawyers are keenly familiar with the complex legal procedures involving condemnation (or the taking of land). We handle all issues associated with the eminent domain process, from negotiating the terms of an agreement to mitigating future issues that could arise from the taking. Please connect with our team to discuss your legal matter and how we can assist you during the condemnation process.

Schedule Your First Appointment With Our Firm

Scheduling your first appointment to meet with our team is simple. Please call our Pennsylvania eminent domain attorneys at 888-470-6015 or complete a short contact form to connect with us. While located in Harrisburg, we handle eminent domain and related legal issues throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania.